There is an ancient secret that exist, yet only a small percentage of the world's population know it. It is knowledge, that is the hidden key to enhancing our well-being and unlocking our true potential. Deep within the collective consciousness of humanity sits the phrase, “Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.” The true moral of this proverbial phrase is that gratitude ultimately is the key to achieving our goals, authenticity, and a solid sense of well-being. 

Gratitude and self-love are inexorably linked in an lifelong entanglement. Think about all the times we have been generous or giving, and felt a great sense of accomplishment afterwards. It could be something simple like helping someone cross the street, or keeping a door open for the next person, or just smiling at those around us. By the same logic, continuous gratitude will bring about a continuous stream of self-love and self-worth that will truly allow us to be the best that we can be. 

By consciously practicing within the realm of positive psychology, we can empower ourselves with the tools we need to flourish in our life. Empathy for fellow humankind is a consequence of true self-love. By practicing and developing our skills of gratitude we naturally become empathetic individuals who are in tune with the emotions and feelings of those around us. 

By being emotionally in sync with our peers we can begin to craft authentic personal relationships and other types of human connections. A lot of times in life the outcome of situations are directly dependent on how well we can build relationships with those around us; whether that be in business or our personal lives. Therefore, empowering ourselves with the characteristics of gratitude will allow us to love ourselves more by having a true sense of self and well-being. We will naturally become better at understanding the needs of others and connecting those needs with our own needs.