"Sivan is one of the kindest, most understanding, and realist therapist I have ever worked with. I was new to therapy and was dealing with a lot of personal things from my past but what really made me seek help was now facing the reality of being recently divorced. I found myself looking forward to speaking to Sivan every week. I never felt like I was being evaluated by her but was able to communicate with her more than I had been able to with anyone else. The conversation flowed. After every meeting with her I physically felt better and the people around me saw a positive change. She has such a unique ability to make you feel heard, allows you to put your guard down, but also provides an outlet to explore more about yourself. I think everyone needs a Sivan in their life. Whether you are going through something big, small, or you just can't quite put your finger on it, Sivan provides a space where you are able to learn, grow, explore, and most importantly heal with someone. I never felt alone with her in my journey.” - H.C.

“Sivan is very kind and caring, lets you express yourself how you need to, and find ways to cope without making you feel bad. Empowering for sure.” - A.S.

“Sivan has been a godsend. I highly recommend her to anyone!!! She is the best and we connected day 1!” - H.A.

“Very happy with Sivan's listening skills, empathy and guidance. I trust not only her expertise, but that she really can "see" me. She's phenomenal!” - G.E.

“Sivan is an incredible psychotherapist. She's honestly the best thing that's happened to me. She truly listens and responds with helpful advice and strategies to work through my issues. She gives me homework to do that helps me process what I am feeling. She gives me a safe space with a smile, which is incredible. She checks in on me as if she can "feel" in the ether when I'm about to lose it. Sivan is saving my sanity and I am so grateful for her in my life as I deal with recent trauma. Honestly, I can never thank her enough.” - A.L.

“Sivan is the best. She has helped me tremendously in such a short time. She is a great listener and is giving me the tools to improve myself and be better. I look forward to future appointments." - S.R.