From Challenge to Opportunity

Think about the last time a challenge was presented to you. What was your first reaction? Answers range from loss of enthusiasm, fear, apathy…but chances are you weren't jumping around ecstatically saying, “YES! Bring it on!” This is true of how many of us view challenges today; from the trivial to the most prominent, challenges are viewed as obstacles that need to be quickly dealt with, to move on to the next hurdle, or as a means to an end.

An alternative approach would be to shift our perception from one of challenge to one of opportunity. This subtle change can completely alter our attitude about what it is that we are we are perceiving with a fresh lens, untainted by expectation or dread.

This concept is similar to how we understand the concept of self-talk or how we speak to ourselves. There could be an instance or experience where our automatic thought is usually self-defeating in nature; in which we negatively self-talk (i.e.: I cannot, I don’t deserve, I am unable) and chances are after having this mental hamster wheel perpetuate, you may actually believe those things you told yourself! Similar to the law of attraction, what we put out into the universe will in some way come back to us. In using this method, if we positively self-talk or tell ourselves; I can, I am able, why not me? the conversation opens up potential to accomplish what you are seeking out. 

In understanding this foundation and it’s effectiveness, it may be beneficial to examine our “challenges” and see if altering our conception into opportunities impacts this and how? This practice will help solidify effective coping strategies as well as implementing positivity.

What “opportunities” have you encountered lately and how have you addressed them?