NEDA Awareness Week

As many of you may or may not be aware, the last week of February marks NEDA’s (National Eating Disorders Association) Awareness week. A topic that has come up is the importance of comfort with disclosing about personal struggles, particularly an eating disorder (or ED for short). This year’s theme, “I had no idea” helps to de-mystify the idea of an ED by providing insight along with statistics on etiology and prognosis, and information about those impacted with EDs. 

While EDs remain elusive, especially to the general public, the aim for this year’s campaign through social networks, and other platforms of spreading awareness and psychoeducation, is to help understand and accept EDs for what they are and how they impact those around you. Various media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook have combined efforts incorporating hashtags to unify personal tales of triumph and tribulation. 

By using the hashtag #NEDAwareness on Instagram, many are able to monitor the progression of NEDA Awareness week throughout the country and across the world with personal stories and impactful goals. A common theme was the importance of early intervention with eating disorders to help with the process of recovery. Education and awareness is critical for helping to spread knowledge and understanding to this vicious disorder. While much work needs to be done in this arena, NEDA has undoubtedly started a spark in the fire of change.

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